Impact Matters

As consumers, it is our duty to protect our earth. We believe that beautiful, durable hand bags should be produced by connecting the benefits for both consumers and producers. This means making premium quality products, providing an honest treatment of our employees and keeping our environmental impact at a minimal.


As a team, we deliver social impact by empowering local women in South India through education and fair wage employment. In our single factory in Auroville, factory women, many of whom are mothers, are provided safe, comfortable and fair wage working conditions. This allows our employees to live a safe and comfortable life. As with our own production, we seek a high level of working conditions and salaries for their labor, ensuring all-round empowerment throughout the production process.


The environmental impact caused by the fashion industry cannot be ignored. So that’s what we do- using durable, handpicked and chemical-free leather locally for our products and no plastics throughout our production process, we continuously strive to keep our environmental impact at a minimal. We maintain direct communication with our suppliers to ensure that our consistent environmental standards are retained as well as to provide a transparent view into the production process to our customers. Earth polluting plastics are absent in our packaging products. Instead, we use handcrafted papers and natural cotton in our packaging process, providing both luxury to our customers and at the same time minimal impact to our planet.