Rashi and Maus


Raff was conceptualised and founded by Rashi Agarwal Favier and Maurits Favier, to offer a range of accessories that are simple, contemporary and innovative. Rashi who graduated from London College of Fashion fell in love with European fashion. After working with a leading leather brand for 2 years, she decided to start her own brand with partner, Maurits. Him being from The Netherlands shared the same idea about fashion and brings his business sense to the brand.

Raff takes pride in promoting traditional craft and the fashion revolution movement. All our raw materials are sourced locally and products are ethically produced. We are a sustainable brand that believes in making premium quality products, providing an honest treatment of our employees and keeping our environmental impact at a minimal. We pay our artisans fair wages and support Fair Trade.



Raff handbags are made with genuine vegetable tanned buff leather and without the use of chemicals. This time-consuming process is environmentally friendly and harmless to the skin. Slight imperfections and wrinkles are proof of the natural and naked leather, devoid of any chemicals.

The smooth finish on the bag improves with use and age. Extended usage gives the patina a soft shine, making every bag unique and giving character. Care for your bag and it will last you a long time.


Raff bags are fully hand stitched using saddle stitching techniques. This pain staking and traditional construction method offers unmatched strength, lasting longer than normal machine stitching. The waxed linen thread adds to the strength of the stitch.


Our collection is inspired from the works of the Bauhaus design movement’s masters. The use clean lines, structural shapes and design sensibilities of the Bauhaus school speak to us immensely and is very true to our design aesthetic.

Raff jewellery is made from reclaimed natural colour wood and nished with coconut oil, accents of lacquered brass, and aluminium. Our aim is to incorporate nature with design to make contemporary and unique pieces. Each piece has a unique wood grain and differ slightly from each other.

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